Letters are being posted to households in Mid Sussex regarding the 2022 Electoral Canvass

Mid Sussex District Council has begun contacting residents to ask them to confirm their details on the 2022-23 electoral register.

Every year, the Council must complete an annual electoral canvass to update the electoral register and ensure that any resident who is eligible to vote can do so.

Starting on Monday 25 July, households will be contacted via post and asked to confirm or update the electoral registration information for their property. The letter will contain information on how to respond to the canvass and residents should follow the steps provided so they can continue to have a say at future elections.

People will be encouraged to confirm their details online to ensure information is processed instantly and effectively. Responding early prevents costly reminders being sent out and using digital channels is also better for the environment.

For more information about the electoral canvass visit www.midsussex.gov.uk/elections-voting/annual-canvass/registering. To contact the Mid Sussex District Council Electoral Services team email elections@midsussex.gov.uk or call 01444 477003.

For more information please contact Mat Jarman on 01444 477387 or Mat.Jarman@midsussex.gov.uk

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