Meeting Calendar 2023

Wednesday 11th January

Wednesday 8th February

Wednesday 1st March

Wednesday 5th April

Wednesday 3rd May

Wednesday 17th May – Annual Parish Meeting & Co-options and Annual Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 14th June

Wednesday 5th July

Wednesday 2nd August – Planning meeting only

Wednesday 6th September

Wednesday 4th October

Wednesday 1st November

Wednesday 6th December


Wednesday 12th January

Wednesday 09th February

Wednesday 16th March

Wednesday 20th April

Wednesday 25th May

Wednesday 15th June

Wednesday 13th July

Wednesday 17th August (planning only if required)

Wednesday 14th September

Wednesday 12th October rescheduled to 20th October

Wednesday 16th November

Wednesday 14th December


Genuine enquiries by email please as we just can't reply to all comments.

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