Oil Exploration at Lower Stumble Summer 2013

BPC has an Oil Exploration Working Group to represent the interests of local residents in this matter – you can follow our progress on this web site or the Facebook page  Balcombe Parish Council – Oil Exploration Working Group as well as at our monthly parish council public meetings.

Unfortunately the Parish Council has no power and virtually no influence over events at Lower Stumble.  We are using what influence we do have with the various stakeholders and authorities to try to minimise the impact of the current exploration activities, which we are satisfied will not involve fracking. If and when there are any proposals for fracking in Balcombe the Parish Council is committed to oppose them.

Parish Councillors are unpaid volunteers, many of whom work full-time, who give a great deal of their time to the community.  Over the past 18 months they have done their best to keep Balcombe residents informed and will continue to do so, usually via the website.  However they can’t continuously monitor Cuadrilla’s compliance with all the conditions which are imposed by the regulatory authorities.

If you believe that Cuadrilla is in breach of any conditions, please contact the organisation concerned.  They all have paid, trained staff who can deal with your concerns.

Those who make the decisions are:

The Government – which makes the policy on fracking
Your local MP – Francis Maude  Constituency Office: 01403 242000
The House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA  0207 219 2494

 The Department of Energy & Climate Changewhich is responsible for issuing drilling consent

The Environment Agencywhich is responsible for issuing environmental permits
P&SC – EP Team, Quadrant 2, 99 Parkway Avenue, Sheffield, S9 4WF
03708 506 506
PSCpublicresponse@environment-agency.gov.uk  or paul.batty@environment-agency.gov.uk

The Health & Safety Executive which reviews designs and operational procedures

West Sussex County Councilwhich is responsible for issuing planning consent and for the highways
01243 642 118 for applications and/or enforcement
01243 642105
Balcombe’s West Sussex Councillor

Mid Sussex District Council – who deal with noise, odour, dust or smoke complaints 01444 477292


Balcombe Estatewhich owns the Lower Stumble site
01444  811 233   info@balcombeestate.co.uk

Sussex Police
Supt Lawrence Hobbs
01273 470 101 or 101

 Cuadrilla Resources Ltd
0800 0086 766 (West Sussex Helpline)

 Southern Water

 Network Rail –  for concerns over site lighting and emergency procedure relating to the railway
Terry Donnelly  tel – 01332 262717, fax 01332 262719

Other useful websites
Facebook –
Frack Free Sussex
Facebook – NoFIBSNo Fracking in Balcombe Society

 Balcombe Parish Council is not responsible for the content of external sites.


Genuine enquiries by email please as we just can't reply to all comments.

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