Carol Dutton

I would like to be a Councillor because I feel that it is important that this lovely village is represented by someone who understands the issues of village and rural life with no hidden agenda.    My 3 children were pupils at Balcombe primary school as were my father and I.  My grandchildren will also be attending.   I play an active role in our family dairy farming business and have recently set up a horse livery business.  I was instrumental in starting up and running a social club in the village for people with care needs as well as a club for people with dementia.    I have been an active member and supporter of many village clubs including Cricket, Stoolball, Badminton, playgroup, Royal British Legion and Social Club.   To become a Parish Councillor requires open-mindedness, tact, local knowledge and common sense. I feel that I am well placed to serve.

Email:  Tel No: 01444 811010


Jackie Emery

Having moved to Sussex in 1981, I have spent the last 12 years in beautiful Balcombe with my husband Laurie (and sometimes children and grandchildren!).    After many years spent working locally as a registered nurse, and more recently teaching at a further education college, I now have more time on my hands to contribute to my own community.   Over the years I have actively participated in village life, particularly with Balcombe’s own community energy co-operative, with the French Association and with Frack Free Balcombe Residents’ Association.   I am particularly interested in health-related issues such as fuel poverty, and also wish to preserve the essential nature and population diversity of our village against threats of over-development.

Email:                   Tel No:  01444 811234


Martin Flint

I have lived on Stockcroft Road with my wife, Sarah, and our two children for almost 10 years. Having grown up in a small village with a strong sense of identity and community, I see the same qualities in Balcombe.   I would work hard to represent the views of all residents to ensure the village retains these core values regardless of the issues and challenges that we may face.    I would hope to bring objectivity and integrity to the role to complement the skills I have developed working as a Chartered Accountant.

Email:   Tel No: 01444 811518


Nicky Gould – Vice Chair

Our vibrant village does not happen by accident: I believe that living in a community means actively contributing to it.  I now have the time and commitment – with experience of the village, having been involved in the organization of several village events, including the fete.  Previously my career was in client and business development and as a business owner.     I would ensure Balcombe maintains and enhances the facilities, environment and housing available for children, families, singletons and retirees alike;  while ensuring the village remains a safe and attractive place to live.     Somebody needs to do it!

Email:  Tel No: 01444 811708


Simon Greenwood

As the longest serving Parish Councillor I pay tribute to the outgoing council members who have been the most effective and hard working that it’s been my pleasure to work with. Representing the residents of a vibrant village in pleasant surroundings, which have made Balcombe a desirable place to live, is usually a pleasure but was marred by the unwarranted and unpleasant invasion by an ill-informed rent-a-mob who could not differentiate between an oil well in limestone and a gas well in shale. I hope to continue to work for the best interests of the whole parish.

Email:  Tel No: 01444 811371


Lisa Greer

I am a mother of two children at Balcombe School and work as an HR Manager for a City-based management consultancy.    Working part time provides me with the opportunity to support the community – over the past 7 years I have worked on the Tiggers Committee as HR Advisor and assisted the School PTA.    My integrity, professional negotiation skills and knowledge of the planning process from renovation projects are qualities I believe would help ensure that Balcombe remains an inclusive, friendly and safe community for everyone – with the right amenities and fabric for all our residents to thrive in.

Email:  Tel No: 01444 811191


Max Preston Bell

I have lived in Balcombe since 1999 having moved here from Sevenoaks with Nicola and our two boys who have now flown the nest.   I am an accountant by qualification (FCMA) and have spent most of my career in the Investment Management and Life & Pensions industry.   As a member of the Victory Players, the Balcombe French Association, the Fete Committee and latterly Balcombe Community Pub Ltd I have become progressively more and more involved in various aspects of the village.

Email:   Tel No: 01444 811712


Charles Metcalfe – Chairman

I have now lived in Sussex for almost half my life, the last 12 years in Balcombe. Here in the busy south east of England, I recognise that we shall have to build a few more houses. But I want to ensure that we don’t lose Balcombe’s character, its clean air, its beautiful landscapes.  I’ll do my best to fight for Balcombe’s tranquillity and transport links, and to keep the village looking good, with a vibrant community life. I have served as Chairman of Frack Free Balcombe Residents Association, and am a keen member of the Victory Players.

Email:   Tel No: 01444 811682


Alison Stevenson 

Moving to Balcombe in 1971 I grew up here. A Parish Councillor for over a decade, I have built up a network of relationships with partner organisations and seen many village projects to fruition.  Married with two children, my husband runs Balcombe cubs.  A Civil Engineer by profession I specialise in major road schemes.  Recently completing the A23 Handcross widening scheme I now work in Tonbridge on the A21.    Interests for next Council are; finishing and implementing the Neighbourhood Plan bringing affordable housing and funding infrastructure improvements, traffic calming, village centre, parking and expanding commercial vitality.

Email:  Tel No: 01444 811676


Sue Taylor

I’m a chartered accountant, approachable and hard-working. I and my partner
Stuart Gregory have lived in Balcombe for eight years. I manage the parish
magazine advertising.  I have been involved in the campaign to keep the oil industry out of Balcombe. I write the FFBRA newsletter. I’m also concerned about the state of pavements, and am against the Gatwick 2 extension. I shall strive to obtain grants to help local organisations, and work on neighbourhood planning. I am happy to help in any
way. I want transparency in local government and representation for all.

Email:   Tel No: 01444 819239


Mark Whybrow

I grew up in a farming village in Lancashire very similar to Balcombe, and having lived here since 2007 together with my wife Melissa, three children and a dog, have a deep affection for this village.   All three children attended Balcombe school and I was a member of the PTA for five years, as Chairman for two of these.   I am proud to be part of the vibrant and inclusive community of Balcombe, and see my participation on the Parish Council as a further way to support and contribute to the unique rural community which we live in, keeping in mind the diverse nature of our village.   Having a working career in commercial leadership roles in a number of large organisations, and now running my own business, I hope to bring a pragmatic and inclusive approach, together with the remains of a northern accent!

Email:  Tel No: 01444 819016



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