Oil Issues

Balcombe Parish Council has published a report on the implications if hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is carried out in the West Sussex village.  Cuadrilla Resources Ltd has been granted an exploration licence and planning permission to have another look for oil at a site, just south of the village, previously explored in 1986.  If Cuadrilla does proceed with the exploration it is almost certain that it will employ the fracking technique.

In January 2012 a capacity crowd of some 250 people packed the village hall for a public meeting organised by people who oppose fracking.  Speakers included both the CEO of Cuadrilla and a representative of the anti-fracking lobby.  Subsequently the Parish Council set up a working group of Parish Councillors and other residents with relevant expertise and/or experience to research the risks and benefits of the proposed exploration, and has produced a report.

The report aims to be impartial and readable, containing no recommendations and can be found here Fracking Report.  Following on the heels of this, a poll was undertaken to understand how residents wanted the Parish Council to respond in future to any proposed fracking in Balcombe, which can be seen here Fracking Poll results