Information about the proposed flare Lower Stumble

Information about the proposed flare at Lower Stumble

The Environment Agency has replied to Balcombe Parish Council’s request for information about the design of the flare proposed to be used by the operator Cuadrilla (soon to be Angus Energy) at the Lower Stumble site.

The EA sent BPC the following documents:

Cuadrilla: Gas Management Plan dated November 2017 (this document describes how the proposed flare will work and explains the criteria by which it was selected)

Gas Management Plan EPRAB3307XD (002)

Cuadrilla: Waste Management Plan dated October 2017 (issue 3.00)

Waste Management Plan V3 EPRAB3307XD

EA: Notice of Request for more information dated August 2017

Schedule 5 Notice EPRAB3307XD

Cuadrilla: Response to EA request dated October 2017

Schedule 5 Responses EPRAB3307XD

These documents have been released to BPC under an open government license which allows  copying  and publishing provided the source is acknowledged.

Copies of the emails between the EA and Councillor Taylor are also included.

Email from EA regarding flare dated 19 Jan 2018