Fracking Poll Results Announced to Cuadrilla and WSCC

Balcombe Parish Council has this week written to WSCC and Cuadrilla confirming the results of the Fracking poll that was undertaken in Balcombe by the Parish Council.

The letter states that “in accordance with the majority view of those residents who participated in the poll this Council will oppose any further applications for permission to carry out exploration for, or the extraction of, hydrocarbons within the parish of Balcombe that involve the use of the fracking process.”

The letters were also copied to local MP Francis Maude, Balcombe Estate, local Councillors and MSDC’s Head of Planning and copies can be found here:-

Fracking Letter to WSCC

Fracking Letter to Cuadrilla

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2 Responses to Fracking Poll Results Announced to Cuadrilla and WSCC

  1. David Perrin says:

    I would be interested to see what the replies were to these letters. Would it be possible to post them here?

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