Landslip at Ardingly Reservoir

As you may be aware, there is a small landslip at Ardingly Reservoir, close Ardingly Activity Centre.

This is of great concern to us so our team of engineering experts will be working with specialists to understand the cause and identify a solution.

While this work is ongoing, the area will remain fenced off to protect members of the public.

We would really appreciate your help in reaching out to as many members of the local community and visitors to the reservoir as possible so they understand the importance of staying clear of the impacted area.

In the coming weeks, we will be installing bespoke signage to inform anyone passing by the area of our plans.

We will also work very closely with the Activity Centre due to its close proximity of the impacted area and we will keep you updated throughout the investigation and repair process.

For general information on our reservoir, please visit our website.

Kind regards,

South East Water

Tracey Reid

Communications Officer

DDI 01634 27 6499  Mob 07825 944562  Out Of Hours 0333 000 0365 /

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