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We currently have 4 vacancies on Balcombe Parish Council; all of which can be co-opted. This means we running with 7 rather than 11 Councillors.

Being a Councillor is a rewarding and important role. Being the lowest rung of Local Government gives us powers to carry out projects and initiatives within the village, and to make a difference.

Next May the local elections will be held and all the Councillors will stand down and new ones be elected, or re-elected. This means there is an opportunity for giving the role a try over the next 6 months.

If you have concerns about things like traffic, healthcare services, play provision, the state of the footpaths or anything else why not take the chance to play a role in improving those.

Being a Councillor takes a variety of skills and life situations. There are roles for most types of experience. From HR and finance, through to education, social services or project management and infrastructure; there are few skills we can’t use.

The youngest Councillor we have at the moment is 18 and the oldest 80. You will need to dedicate a few hours per week to the role, and to attend the Council meeting each month, and join a working group.

For more information contact the parish clerk or myself. or or call 01444 811833.

The next council meeting is the 16th Nov if you want to come along and see what we do. 8pm, Bramble Hall.

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