Protest Camp to remain for time being

WSCC issued the following statement after last Monday’s High Court hearing of its application for a possession order for the B2036 London Road, Balcombe:
“We very much regret the adjournment of the case, but accept the court’s decision.
The County Council reiterates that the reason for taking this action was to maintain road safety on a busy rural road, unlit at night with a 60 mph limit. The roadside encampment is very close to the edge of the grass verges, and there have been numerous encroachments into the public highway. In our opinion it is not safe. We also have a duty to keep the highway open for all traffic.
The County Council now respectfully requests that the protestors behave responsibly and do not cause a safety hazard on the road or disrupt the highway.
The court has been given assurances on behalf of the protestors that their action will cease on the expiry of the planning permission on 28 September. We expect those assurances to be fulfilled.
Today’s ruling by the Judge does not exclude the Council returning to court before October 8 if safety issues on the B2036 escalate.
There have been some reports that costs were awarded against the County Council. This is not the case. The Judge ruled that the issue of costs should be reserved which means that a decision has been postponed to a future hearing.”

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