Meeting with Cuadrilla

Meeting BPC- Cuadrilla on 03 05 13<a


On the 3rd of May 2013 Cuadrilla met representatives of the Parish Council to inform them that they intend to drill, but not to hydraulically fracture (Frack), an exploratory well on the Lower Stumble site in Balcombe. Work is expected to start in mid June and to take about 8 weeks.

The results will be analysed, with three possible outcomes:
(1) If there was negligible oil flow the well will be capped and abandoned;
(2) If there was sufficient natural flow further exploration wells may be drilled at other locations to assess how much oil might be commercially extracted without Fracking;
(3) If there was insufficient natural flow consideration would be given to applying for permission to Frack the well at a separate future date.

Options 2 and 3 would require a complete new application process including, for option 3, an Environmental Impact Assessment and would take a substantial amount of time.

It should be noted that a small water monitoring well will be drilled in May prior to the main activities in June.

The Parish Council reiterated its position that it is mandated by its residents to oppose Fracking at the site.

A full report of this meeting is in the link above.

Cuadrilla is planning a drop-in information session in Bramble Hall on Thursday 23rd May from 4.00 – 8.30 pm.

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2 Responses to Meeting with Cuadrilla

    • balcombe1 says:

      Balcombe Parish Council have been told by Cuadrilla that although there could be some gas this was “unlikely.”

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