Balcombe Parish Council – Bye Election Candidates


There are two vacant positions on the Balcombe Parish Council. As ten residents have requested an election through the prescribed route a Parish Council election will take place on Thursday 2 May alongside the West Sussex County Council election. (the same voting qualification criteria apply to both elections). The polling station is the Victory Hall and it is open from 7.00 am until 10.00 pm. A total of six candidates have come forward to apply for the positions. Holding an election is an expensive undertaking paid for by the Parish and we encourage all residents to vote. The role of Councillor is an important one and demands skills, commitment, time and the ability to represent the interests of all parishioners fairly. Each candidate has produced a short piece on themselves; we have pleasure listing them below in alphabetical order.

Kevin Hugh “Botts” Bottomley

53 years old. Lives in the village with wife Nancy, Molly (Warden Park) and Jess (Balcombe School). Mother Joan and son Tom (Balcombe Flooring) also live in the village.

Commutes from Balcombe Station to London running a practice of Architects and Quantity Surveyors.

Member of the Victory Players and Secretary and 3rd XI Captain of Balcombe Cricket Club.

Apart from the practical experience of planning and construction matters, shares the village’s deep concern over the potential “fracking” activities and wants to be part of the team that avoids or limits any impact to Balcombe.

Katherine Daniel

I’ve lived in Balcombe for 20 years and raised two children here during which time I’ve been on the committees of Tiggers and the Scouts and have also been a School Governor.

I volunteered to work on the Neighbourhood Plan as I am determined to protect what’s best about Balcombe whilst also managing change so that the village survives as a vibrant rural community. I am particularly concerned about affordable housing and non-intrusive parking to support the station, shops and pub.

I’d also work to deliver HS broadband, reduce traffic speeds and clear the mud from Haywards Heath Rd footpath.

Nicky Evans

Shortly after moving to Balcombe I accidentally found myself organising part of Balcombe’s Royal Wedding Celebrations. That was when I discovered just how many clubs and activities there are in the village and the real sense of community that prevails here.

Amongst other things, I’ve worked for an international company in a sales and marketing capacity and owned and run a travel company. I manage a number of properties and am the outgoing chairperson for the largest development of private apartments in Haywards Heath. As a Parish Councillor my efforts will be to help Balcombe maintain its sense of community.

Nigel Hunton

A strong interest in the community, as Chairman of the “High Street Action Committee,” I worked with the Parish Council, WSCC, residents and the Environment agency to ensure that work on Clays Lake was revised and road safety improved on the High Street.
I hold an engineering degree, have 30 years business experience, (27years at BOC). I am the CEO of a recycling company and would bring enthusiasm, a focus on actions and a strong commercial background.
I am passionate about renewable energy and act as a non-executive for the energy company 2OC. In 2009, I travelled to the Arctic to assess the impacts of climate change.

John James

Hello, my name is John James and I am standing as a Parish Councillor. My background was a Systems Analyst and I have designed and implemented large computer projects.
My aims are to keep Balcombe as a village, housing for younger people and access to transport for older residents. I query the modifications to some houses in the village, which are out of character.
I also question the acquisition of Bramble Hall, there are other venues which are underutilised and need more support to keep going. Please vote for me, I will try to bring our village back to a village.

Sue Taylor

I am 58 and moved to Balcombe six years ago with my partner Stuart Gregory.
I grew up on my Grandfather’s farm, then became a chartered accountant and worked as a hotel financial controller. I have been working in London as a freelance IT and accounting contractor.
The issues that concern me are the protection of the countryside, creating and preserving local jobs. I am against fracking in Balcombe (polluting the water supplies; heavy traffic on our roads).
I hope that my accounting and problem solving experience will be useful. I am prepared to help out in any areas that need attention.

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