Balcombe Community Speedwatch Update:

Many Balcombe residents have expressed concern about speeding drivers travelling through our village. Community Speedwatch is one action that as local residents we can participate in. Using approved detection devices we can identify, educate and on occasion, help the police prosecute those drivers who habitually exceed local speed limits.

This is where we are now: Working with the police and Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, we now have identified 8 potential Speedwatch sites around Balcombe. These have been risk assessed as suitable locations to undertake Speedwatch surveys.

We have the required minimum number of volunteers registered with Speedwatch and who have taken the first stage of on-line training, but we would like to see more volunteers come forward so that we can cover more locations more frequently and thus be more effective.

We have a date for on-site training on the use of our (2) speedguns and the protocols for carrying out Speedwatch sessions in Balcombe. The date is Tuesday 8th November.

If you have an hour or so to spare every so often, please consider registering with Speedwatch and completing the online training. Doing so now would enable you to attend the on-site training session planned for Tuesday 8th November at Bramble Hall in Balcombe and to formally join the group. Go to:

If you are interested and would like to know more, please email

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