Ukraine statement

On behalf of Balcombe Parish Council, I want to express our shock and horror at the events we have witnessed in the independent, sovereign nation of Ukraine.

With scenes reminiscent of the conflicts we hoped were generations in the past, a mass displacement of population is underway in an effort to avoid the savage and indiscriminate decimation of their homeland. Nothing can justify what is being inflicted upon the people of Ukraine by the government of Russia.

We express our horror at the disregard for human life, national sovereignty, and international rule of law. 

This Council stands with the people of Ukraine and their friends and relatives living in the Parish and beyond.

We express our unity and support for President Zelensky, the democratically elected Government and the people of Ukraine, and call on the UK Government and its NATO allies to offer the maximum humanitarian aid and support for the Ukrainian Government and people.

Balcombe Parish Council stand ready to support the people of Ukraine in the short term with places of safety and kindness; and longer term with assistance to rebuild their proud independent nation once again.

Jon Millbanks – Chairman to Balcombe Parish Council

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