Balcombe Village Gateways Survey

Balcombe Parish Council is considering installing ‘Village Gateways’ at the Haywards Heath Road south entrance to Balcombe.

Their aim is to slow vehicles as they enter the village.

Before we go any further, we would like to know if residents are in favour of the scheme.

Funding comes from Section 106 money levied on the developers of the Barnfield site. 


Please complete the survey to let the Parish Council know if you support this proposal.

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2 Responses to Balcombe Village Gateways Survey

  1. Andrew Kraushaar says:

    Is there any update on the lack of street lighting on Haywards Heath Road?



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    • balcombe1 says:

      The Parish Clerk is working with contractors Enerveo (formally SSE) and West Sussex County Council
      to try and address the issues with a number of street lights which have not been working for some time; progress is now being made however, we have a number of lampposts that may potentially need a total replacement of: poles, box/bracket and lanterns. Balcombe Parish Council are in negotiations with WSCC regarding replacement of some of the street lights on the Haywards Heath Road which will need to be replaced in order to comply in order to proceed with the proposed changes/enhancement to the village centre.

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