Parking along London Road

Dear Balcombe Residents,

Parking along London Road

Balcombe Parish Council have received complaints about vehicles parked on the pavement along the London Road, and causing an obstruction.

Residents, visitors, work vans and parents collecting schoolchildren are parking so close to the house boundaries that it is not possible to wheel along a pushchair or wheelchair, or allow two people to walk abreast, including walking while holding a child’s hand. Pedestrians and wheel chair users have had to go onto the main road to get round a parked vehicle.

This is the only pavement on this section of the London Road; please ensure your vehicles are parked entirely on the road so that you do not impede the use of the pavement by pedestrians, wheelchair users, and those with pushchairs.

Our local PCSO, Craig Harvey, is aware of this issue and knows that this letter is being distributed to the relevant areas; if vehicles continue to obstruct the pavement action will be taken by the police and vehicles may be removed where an obstruction occurs. A copy of the Parish Council’s letter will be retained by our Neighbourhood Officer for future reference.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Yours faithfully

Jon Millbanks


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