Parish Council Meetings Continuing Online

During the current COVID-19 pandemic Parish Council and Committee meetings are held via online video conferencing using Zoom (website: Members of the public will be able to watch and listen via a link provided along with the agenda. The agendas continue to be placed in advance on noticeboards and on the Agenda page of this website.

To attend the meeting please register with Jemma McCarthy, Parish Clerk ,who will provide the meeting log-in details.    She is contactable by email at

The first time you use the link it may take a few minutes to install Zoom. Follow instructions on the screen. If using tablet or smart phone you may need to download an app so allow extra time. There is no need to set up a Zoom account yourself.

Members of the public will be able to see and hear Councillors on the screen, or hear on the telephone. Please note that members of the public will have an opportunity to speak only at Agenda item  “Public Participation”.

The meetings will be recorded as usual.


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