Lower Stumble Flow Test


BALCOMBE PARISH COUNCIL has been approached at very short notice to participate in a Community Liaison Group (CLG) with Angus Energy, WSCC, The Environment Agency and MSDC. The CLG has been set up to provide a conduit for information regarding forthcoming flow test activity at Lower Stumble in Balcombe. CLG members are encouraged to discuss any matters raised at the meetings with other members of the local community and bring their views to the meeting. The CLG is not a decision making body. Four residents are also invited to sit on this Group. The next meeting will be on Thursday 20 September.

For this reason BPC has decided to invite individuals or village organisations to submit an application to the Clerk and has called an Extraordinary Meeting on Monday 17 September at 8.00 pm in the PARISH ROOM for Councillors to vote for the candidates.   Four will be chosen with two in reserve, in case a representative cannot attend on any occasion. There will be no discussion about individuals, and depending on the number of applicants, there may be an opportunity for candidates to speak for a short time. Anyone who applies but cannot attend the meeting on Monday 17 September will still be considered and may nominate an individual to speak on their behalf.

Please email the Clerk by midday 17 September parish.clerk@btconnect.com or call 01444 811833 to apply.

The Agenda for the Extraordinary Meeting is now on this website under the Minutes/Agendas tab – Agendas 17/18.

Please note that the CLG is a condition of the Planning Approval. No information on precise timescales for any activity at Lower Stumble has been given to date and Balcombe Parish Council will update you through our website as soon as we can. We would also point out that the Community Liaison Group is intended as a method of conveying information, not for revisiting the debate around the granting of planning and environmental permits. That will not be tolerated by the Chairman, Bill Acraman of West Sussex County Council.

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