WSCC has received the following communication from Sussex Police:
“As you know we are making plans with your staff and Cuadrilla to facilitate the removal of the rig and equipment away from the Balcombe site.
We appreciate that Cuadrilla are operating within the tight constraints of the current planning permission in place, which I believe restricts the movements of vehicles and times of operation.
We will aim to enable Cuadrilla to operate within the planning permission and any other relevant permits, but public safety and preventing crime and disorder are our priorities. This may mean that in order to achieve this we are prepared to direct Cuadrilla lorries to enter or exit the site from different directions. Equally, we will not compromise public safety by sticking rigidly to the time constraints in place. This may mean that at times Cuadrilla are operating outside of their planning permission, for which we would take responsibility on that occasion and for the reasons as stated above and we have informed Cuadrilla of our position on this.”

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