We have received the following communication from the Planning Department at WSCC:

“On 2 September 2013, the two planning applications relating to oil exploration at Balcombe (ref. WSCC/061/13/BA seeking a six month extension in time, and WSCC/063/13/BA seeking increased flare height) were withdrawn by the applicant.

The applicant (Cuadrilla) has confirmed their intention to submit a new planning application by 27 September 2013 to allow for additional time to carry out the well testing at the site allowed under the current permission (WSCC/027/10/BA). They have confirmed that the activity sought under the new application will not involve drill stem testing, additional drilling, or hydraulic fracturing.

Once the new application has been registered, you will be contacted as part of the public consultation process.

Cuadrilla’s emails withdrawing the applications and setting out their intentions for the site, are available on the County Council’s website – see the above links.

For information, the meeting of the Planning Committee on 19 September 2013 has been cancelled.”

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