Sugworth & Penland Farm Developments

Sugworth & Penland Farm Developments, Haywards Heath

Traffic implications for Balcombe. Borde Hill Estate are seeking to build up to 325 houses on Penland Farm a 13.5 acre area of attractive rolling countryside on the AONB fringes, part cultivated and part woodland, some designated ancient. The land is on the western side of Penland Road and runs from Harlands School, north to Hanlye Lane. The owners are also seeking permission to develop a further site with 175 houses across the Balcombe Road, in an area running down to the railway line, known as Sugworth Farm. Undoubtedly this development will have an impact on traffic levels through Balcombe, latest predictions a 3% traffic increase; a cautious estimate would be 200 extra vehicles a day, probably more given its location. Click on the above link to see what is planned or go to

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