Bus timetable changes

Route 37 has now been withdrawn.    Route 40 now includes Balcombe with buses leaving Balcombe on Mondays to Fridays at 1005 and 1230 for Crawley returning at 1210 and 1410. Buses from Balcombe to Haywards Heath will depart at 0810 on schooldays and 1227 on Mondays to Fridays returning at 0939, 1204 and 1504.   Service 40 is generally operated with larger buses than the 37, and they will run via B2036, Bramble Hill and Haywards Heath Road in Balcombe (the route used until February 2015 by the 37). This is instead of the current route via Oldlands Avenue and Newlands.   Please note that during school holidays you will need to REQUEST a Balcombe stop if you catch the bus from Haywards Heath South Road at 1504.



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