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What matters to you?

What matters most to you when it comes to the services that you want your council tax spent on? And how much council tax are you willing to pay to fund them?  WSCC is inviting people to answer those very questions by filling in a survey (see link below).   West Sussex County Council provides more than £500m worth of services to more than 800,000 residents in the county.   Among those services – delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week – are those that support the elderly, protect children in care, maintain the county’s road network and provide the county’s fire service.

Over the last four years the authority has seen a 28% reduction in the money it gets from central government and has made savings of £120 million without any increases in council tax. 

The survey is not complicated or long, it can be done online, or on a smartphone or tablet if that’s how people want to do it. Paper copies are available.

The surveys are available online from www.westsussex.gov.uk/whatmatters

Paper copies can be collected from all WSCC libraries, County Council receptions and children and family centres.

The What Matters to You? consultation runs until October 12.



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Intention to Frack Letter/Cuadrilla Response

A letter from Bolney Resources Ltd to the Department of Energy and Climate Control dated June 2011 has come to light through a Freedom of Information Request which states that Bolney Resources Ltd intended to hydraulically fracture in the Weald Basin.    Cuadrilla Resources Ltd assigned its interest to Bolney Resources Ltd in April 2009.    Balcombe Parish Council has been asked to publish this letter (below) but sought to clarify its authenticity before so doing.    We have now had confirmation from Cuadrilla that this is a genuine letter and yesterday Cuadrilla sent an email issuing this statement (please click on the link).

DECC-Cuadrilla-Fracking-let (2)

Cuadrilla.Bolney Statement 10.7.14





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Neighbourhood Planning June 2014

x x x U R G E N T x x x
If you missed the Neighbourhood Planning Drop-In sessions on Thursday 12 June and Saturday 14 June then you can now view the Posters for the event on this website in the Neighbourhood Planning section – Proposed Housing Presentation or click on the link below
The feedback form is listed too – please complete and return as soon as possible to Bramble Hall or to Gleddoch House, Stockcroft Road. please click on the link below.
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Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

Please click on the link below to view the Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 29 May 2013 and the Draft Minutes from 15 May 2014

Minutes (Annual Parish) 29 May 2013

Draft Minutes (Annual Parish) 15 May 2014

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Flood Support Scheme

Mid Sussex District Council has taken up the Flood Support Scheme offered by the Government.     £5,000 is available to homeowners and businesses that have been internally flooded between the 1st December 2103 and 31st March 2014.  The Grant is available to help property owners and businesses implement flood resistance and/or resilience measures (over and above works paid for by insurance companies) to help minimise the impact of any future floods.  Please note – the flooding of gardens, garages and outbuildings not critical to the running of your business cannot be claimed for.      The MSDC website now contains all the information you should need to complete the Expression of Interest Form and submit it.    If you have had to vacate your property a Council Tax rebate is available.     West Sussex County Council are offering the services of JBA Consulting who can carry out a specialist flood survey of your property.  The price for this survey (about £500 or less) would come out of any grant money you receive but the survey and results would provide you with independent advice.  This advice would help to ensure that the correct resilience measures are installed at your property and it is recommended that you take up this option.


For further information and advice telephone 01444-477495 or email communityservices@midsussex.gov.uk

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Information from West Sussex County Council

There is an information event on oil and gas extraction and exploration taking place at Pulborough Village Hall this Saturday 21 June.

Please click on the link below for more details.

WS2023 Oil and Gas Exhibition Poster (2)



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Kemps Farm Rail Crossing

We have received the following information from Network Rail regarding the footpath over the railway at Kemps Farm.


“I am writing to inform you that due to operational reasons Network Rail will be closing the Kemps Footpath Level Crossing to all pedestrians by 14 June 2014. It is our intention to improve the ‘permissive path’ that runs parallel to the road from opposite Kemps Farm up to the station; this will allow pedestrians to access the village via and alternative route. Suitable signage will be posted on the approach to the crossing informing pedestrians that the path is closed; it is our intentions to position this signage well in advance of the crossing to prevent pedestrians from having to cross what is a very busy road.


Network Rail are also planning to construct a footbridge over the railway at the site of the current level crossing. It is likely than construction will begin within 2 months and should be completed by January 2015.”

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