Thameslink Timetables from January 2015

Please click on the link below to see the proposed Thameslink timetables from January 2015

Thameslink timetables Jan 15


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Mid Sussex District Plan

District Plan goes out for public consultation

Mid Sussex District Council is encouraging residents to help shape the future of Mid Sussex by giving their views on the draft District Plan.   

Public consultation, starts on Friday 21 November and runs until Friday 16 January 2015. The purpose of the draft District Plan is to set out in broad terms what, where, when and how development will take place in Mid Sussex over the next 17 years. It has been prepared with the help of Town and Parish Councils in Mid Sussex to make sure it reflects the views of local communities.

Do have your say.   Click on the link below




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High Speed Broadband

WSCC Better Connected Oct 14

Please click on the link to see the latest information on High Speed Broadband from the West Sussex Better Connected project.


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STOP sign at Threads

Two or three years ago Balcombe Parish Council spent a great deal of time and effort seeking to have the Give Way sign replaced by a STOP sign.  WSCC’s initial view was that it didn’t meet the relevant criteria, but after a meeting on site it agreed to submit an application to the Secretary of State for permission to over-ride the relevant criteria, and this was done.  The Secretary of State rejected the application on the grounds that there was no evidence of a sufficient number of fatal or serious accidents at the crossroads.   Please see correspondence below (click on the links):-

TRO Request (Stop Sign)

STOP Sign Reply

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Kemps Farm Railway Crossing

Balcombe Parish Council recently met with representatives from Network Rail and Kier, the contractor working on the new Footbridge across the railway at Kemps Farm.   The work has started but much of it has to be done at the weekend when the line is closed.    Mid November offers the next available window and they are working to finish the bridge then.   Should it overrun then mid January is the next available closure date.    Click on the link below to see a plan of the proposed bridge.  Kier have made every attempt to make sure that they are not compounding the Newlands parking issue by parking off road behind the houses, using the railway to being materials to the site and where this is impossible asking lorries to enter via Oldlands.

Footbridge Kemps


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West Sussex County Council canvas opinion

What matters to you?

What matters most to you when it comes to the services that you want your council tax spent on? And how much council tax are you willing to pay to fund them?  WSCC is inviting people to answer those very questions by filling in a survey (see link below).   West Sussex County Council provides more than £500m worth of services to more than 800,000 residents in the county.   Among those services – delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week – are those that support the elderly, protect children in care, maintain the county’s road network and provide the county’s fire service.

Over the last four years the authority has seen a 28% reduction in the money it gets from central government and has made savings of £120 million without any increases in council tax. 

The survey is not complicated or long, it can be done online, or on a smartphone or tablet if that’s how people want to do it. Paper copies are available.

The surveys are available online from

Paper copies can be collected from all WSCC libraries, County Council receptions and children and family centres.

The What Matters to You? consultation runs until October 12.



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Intention to Frack Letter/Cuadrilla Response

A letter from Bolney Resources Ltd to the Department of Energy and Climate Control dated June 2011 has come to light through a Freedom of Information Request which states that Bolney Resources Ltd intended to hydraulically fracture in the Weald Basin.    Cuadrilla Resources Ltd assigned its interest to Bolney Resources Ltd in April 2009.    Balcombe Parish Council has been asked to publish this letter (below) but sought to clarify its authenticity before so doing.    We have now had confirmation from Cuadrilla that this is a genuine letter and yesterday Cuadrilla sent an email issuing this statement (please click on the link).

DECC-Cuadrilla-Fracking-let (2)

Cuadrilla.Bolney Statement 10.7.14





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